Dark Lord: The Musical is my most recent endeavor, and it is a collaboration project with Ben Collins and my wife, Gina Reynolds! In 2020 I finished adapting the show into an animated web series, but it has yet to have a live performance, so if your theater company may be interested in performing a production, please let me know!
The Story

Eight thousand moons ago the Dark Lord Saurnimort (the “T” is silent, you petulant pissants!) found himself cast upon the magical plane of Musilasia – a land where all beings great and small are compelled to burst into spontaneous song and dance – whether they want to or not. After several failed attempts to return to his home plane, Camorhog, Saurnimort had no choice but to resign himself to a life in the eternally and infuriatingly cheery land of Musilasia – but he doesn’t have to like it.

Thwarted at every step by his arch nemesis, The White Wizard Merdalfdore (also known as The Sleep Walker, due to his narcoleptic tendencies), Saurnimort attempts to contrive a spell that will rid Musilasia of its melodious blight. His latest scheme requires the still-beating heart of a fairy, and Saurnimort has set his eyes on Absidy, daughter of The Fairy Queen – but with this feisty fairy, the Dark Lord may have bitten off more than he can chew.

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